Energy Dashboards

Energy dashboards are, quite literally, the face of energy efficiency in commercial buildings.  With today's easy-to-use customizable energy dashboards, facility managers are able to make immediate changes to their buildings' internal environments, thereby saving considerable amounts of energy and money while doing less harm on the environment.


Energy dashboards provide:


  • Immediate adjustments of energy output
  • Zone-specific temperature control
  • Real-time system monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Multi-facility and campus controls from one central location
  • 24-hour alarm notifications to your email and/or smart phone

Sunbelt Controls offers a variety of energy dashboards based on Automated Logic's WebCTRL and DG Logik's Prophet Suite.


Automated Logic's WebCTRL not only saves energy - it saves on expenses. WebCTRL's energy-saving features are fully integrated at installation. Features include setpoint optimization, optimum start, demand reduction, thermographic color floor plans, trending, reporting and logical alarming.


Prophet Suite provides the power for a centralized aggregation of enterprise-wide disparate systems to a protocol-agnostic database.  It offers high level analysis tools against data for trending, charting, comparison data, KPI (key performance indicators) and more.  Prophet Suite's metric-specific dashboards are geared towards the needs of the particular information required; such as energy cost per month vs. profit, an entire company's efficiency data, or what-if scenarios for power and energy savings.



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Sunbelt Controls designed and installed an impressive building automation system in UCSF's $85 million Regenerative Medicine Building.

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