Capital Manor

Location: Salem, OR

Date: February 2016



  • Retrofit & Valve Replacement
  • Boiler, Chiller, Fan Coil Unit, HVAC
  • 5,381,955 square feet
  • 1 MACH-ProWebCom™
  • 4 ETHER-Link™
  • 15 MACH-Zone™
  • 96 MACH1™
  • EIA-485, Ethernet
  • 1,170 Points



Capital Manor was burdened with an obsolete control system and often

experienced issues with equipment failure. To renew the aging health care

facility, Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer, Sunbelt Controls (formerly

Essential Building Technologies), was awarded the contract to retrofit a DDC

solution and replace aging control valves to ensure long term comfort for the

manor’s residents.


At more than 5 million square feet, Capital Manor boasted an extensive list of

mechanical equipment, but thanks to the flexibility of the Reliable Controls®

MACH-System, Essential Building Technologies were able to control the entire

facility with 4 ETHER-Link™ portals, 15 MACH-Zone™ controllers, and 96

MACH1™ controllers. Onsite mechanical equipment consisted of Air Handler

Units (AHUs), chillers, boilers, and the main Terrace Tower’s 65 Fan Coil Units



To provide easy access to system information, the Reliable Controls® MACHSystem

powerhouse MACH-ProWebCom™ controller operates as the host for

serving custom graphic representations of the entire facility.


Due to the modular arrangement of the Reliable Controls® MACH-System,

Sunbelt Controls was able to install the system without disturbing the lives of

the manor’s residents.




OWNER: Capital Manor


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