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Commercial buildings have seen impressive progress with regard to energy efficiency over the past few years, but there is still significant room for improvement.  While HVAC, security, lighting and other building automation systems (BAS) continue to evolve independently and become more powerful, work continues towards integrating them into a single, unified system.  Creating a “green” building starts with an integrated design process that brings together the key participants, each with their own skills and knowledge.  Similarly, to get the most energy efficiency from a BAS, designers must first evaluate how to achieve better efficiencies within the various systems and then reach across the boundaries to integrate the systems.


Sunbelt Controls is a master integrator of HVAC, Electrical, lighting, IT and security components, enabling facility managers to utilize one centralized user interface to control all aspects of a building's facility systems. As experts in building automation process and architecture, our technicians can create custom programs that communicate across all platforms typically found in BAS, MIS, and IT installations. Whether your facility uses BACnet, MODBUS, Lon Works, SNMP, OPC, XML, or any open standard communication protocols, Sunbelt Controls can help you optimize your energy efficiency. Automating your critical business systems is an economical way to help control your operating costs by automatically reducing your energy load during peak demand. And with today’s web-based solutions, you can manage your facilities’ mechanical systems from anywhere in the world!



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UCSF IRM, San Francisco

Sunbelt Controls USCF Project

Sunbelt Controls designed and installed an impressive building automation system in UCSF's $85 million Regenerative Medicine Building.

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