Sunbelt Controls Training Academy

Sunbelt Controls provides comprehensive, high quality, hands-on training on Automated Logic (ALC) products. Aside from the Automated Logic Corporation in Atlanta, GA no other dealer provides this level and quality of product training. Our Factory Certified Instructors teach the same certified courses as the ALC Branches. Sunbelt Controls Certified Instructors regularly attend the ALC Training Summits and are actively contributing to course content and development.


Sunbelt Controls has invested in three state of the art Training facilities in California (Azusa, Pleasanton, and San Diego).  We utilize ALC's manufacturer materials in all training classes. The Sunbelt Controls Training Academy can also create custom courses and take them "on the road" to better suit each clients needs. These travel courses are limited to eight students.


There are a total of six Factory Certified ALC training centers nationwide in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, and our Azusa, Pleasanton, and San Diego locations.


Our training has been overwhelmingly well received by participants and is an area of continued focus for Sunbelt Controls. We feel that if our customers are well trained, our installed systems will be more efficient and better optimized by our users.


If you are interested in attending one of our classes or are looking for more information, please contact us

at:  877-786-2332 or





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